Real life vs. spirituality

This is what I wrestle with almost every day of my life – how do I reconcile the overwhelming pull I feel to be here and now, to pray and meditate, to heal and to counsel, and also to make things (which is somehow part of my spiritual practice) with the simple need to, well, eat and have a roof over my head?

It’s a whole lot easier to shine your light, to be calm, serene, in the now, etc., etc., when you are sitting on a mountaintop and/or living a monastic life. But what about out here in the “real” world?

Yeah, I know – it’s the other way around. This physical life of ours truly isn’t what is “real”. When I do catch my breath, center, pray, and listen, I can clearly see that. I know that what we are experiencing from one day to the next is a classroom of sorts, where everything helps us learn and grow, if we so choose. I’m deeply grateful that I can see that now, that more and more of the time, I know it.

But yet… I still worry about money sometimes, even that I know that this is counterproductive, that focusing on the negative creates more negativity. I still occasionally get annoyed with the actions of others, and frequently get annoyed with myself. (This post is Exhibit A on the latter!) Still try to plan things into the future, fighting the overwhelming evidence in my life that it works much better to take life one step at a time, without expectations – which makes it all so much more peaceful, with more opportunities for joy, and fewer for disappointment.

That’s it, really – I need to let go of my ideas of how things are supposed to work, and let God/the universe show me the path that does work. One step at a time. I need to remember that whenever I act out of love, in whatever form, be it giving a listening ear or simply smiling at a stranger, that I am doing exactly what it is right for me to do in that moment. That this is an instant of being right here, and right now. And that is what counts.

So… I just need to breathe, and be present.

Just thinking out loud…

Love and light,


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