About Heather

Change comes so rapidly now – for each of us as individuals, for our society, for the planet. I am no different.

I have always lived something of a double life (occasionally triple) – working and earning my living as a geekly techie, hiding my “weird” side.  After a lifetime of this, I am finally embracing all of myself:

  • Yes, I have been a healer since I was a child, and I am deeply grateful for having been shown this gift that each of us have within us.
  • Yes, I hear the angels and archangels speaking to and through me, and no longer resist passing these messages to those who need them. I am overjoyed to find that the more I share, the more I am given to share.

I am a practicing Reiki Master – I give healing Reiki sessions, and I teach Reiki. In the Reiki tradition, a “master” is a teacher, but not an all-knowing expert. For myself, I am learning every day, from my clients, from my students, and from simply living my life.

I welcome all readers, and invite you to share your comments and experiences here. We are all in this life together – so let’s hang on to each other and enjoy the ride!

Love and light,

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. heatherreiki
    Feb 09, 2009 @ 13:03:49

    My life has been through many, many changes since I started this blog – mostly very good, all directing me firmly toward my spirital path and purpose. And part of my path includes this blog – I will start updating it again in the next few days. So please visit again!


  2. Heather Marie Nelson
    May 23, 2011 @ 18:42:13

    Hello! I googled my name just to see what happened and found this website. It caught my eye that the sight is about Reiki and spirituality.. and of course that your name is Heather Nelson as well!! I have had one Reik session done by my boyfriends cousin and have been interested ever since. I actually won a bid for a one hour session at a recent silent auction. I was THRILLED!!! i would like to learn more and much of the blogs i have read are changes that i am going thru. such as understanding that i cannot view life as i think it is “supposed to be” and to find serenity in everyday changes. thank you for your time. hope to hear from you.

    Heather Marie Nelson


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