Spiritual protection

Hi, all,
I would like to share some information with you about spiritual protection – protecting your mind, body, and spirit from negative or unhealthy energies around you.

I am not talking about intentional attacks (which are relatively rare), but simply the day-to-day energetic debris that pretty much every human being leaves laying around. And like any other pollution, wading into it can be bad for you!

Have you been going through your day feeling perfectly happy, and then suddenly, for no reason that you could see,  suddenly felt tired, sad, or irritable? Maybe even angry, for no reason that makes any sense? You probably walked into someone else’s energy that was lying around.

There are some places that the sea of emotions is almost something you can touch, such as hospitals (especially the ER!) and courtrooms, but even the dentist’s office or the conference room at work can be chock-full of stressful energies from everyone who has passed through. These energies can give you headaches, sudden tiredness, anxious feelings, even dizziness or nausea – even if you weren’t feeling stressed or distressed in any way before walking into that environment. Even our homes accumulate energies over time – and if there is long-term unhappiness in the home, the home itself can add to that cycle over time.

And then there are people who are right in front of you who are affecting your energies – the unhappy friend who you love dearly, but who always leaves you feeling wrung out and exhausted; stressed-out co-workers; angry or abusive people in any context; the list goes on.

So what can you do about it, you ask? Do I have to hide from everybody to be “safe”? Absolutely not!

Knowledge is power. Simply knowing that other people’s current and past negative energies can affect you directly is a huge step toward not letting that happen. Now that you know, decide to only allow positive energies to affect you – make this your firm intention. Allow and embrace love, joy, and kindness, and let them flow into your being; and decide that hatred, anger, fear, and other negativity will simply flow around or away from you. Your mind is very powerful! Focus on this intention over time, and your energetic immunity will rise to the point where you will no longer need protection.

Until you reach that point, there are two steps to spiritual protection:

1. Prevention: Protect yourself ahead of time.
Whenever possible, before entering an environment or situation that you expect to be energetically challenging (hospital, stressful meeting, getting together with that unhappy friend), protect yourself. I will provide more specifics in my next post, but this can include any combination of:

  • Intention, as discussed above
  • Envisioning yourself as surrounded by a sphere of Divine white light that only allows positive energies to pass through it
  • Praying/asking for protection from God, Archangel Michael (who has been a non-denominational protector for millenia), or any other Divine being in whom you trust
  • Carry a protective stone, such as black tourmaline or carnelian
  • If you wish to protect a personal space before someone comes into it, you can do any of the above for that space, as well as place protective objects such as a dreamcatcher, medicine wheel, or ojo de dios in the room.
  • When sitting down in a public place (waiting room, restaurant), silently ask for divine protection and help and then sweep the back and seat of the chair as if you were brushing off crumbs, with the intention of brushing away any leftover energies. Don’t sit and soak in someone else’s dreck!

2. Cure: Clear away any troublesome energies that have already affected you

  • If you get a sudden ache (especially headache), firmly brush the affected area as if you are clearing off bugs or spiders – including shaking them off your hand – with the intention of clearing off both your discomfort and the energy that caused it. The sooner you do this, the more effective it is.
  • Walk outside or open a window – fresh air and sunshine are powerful energy cleansers!
  • Take a shower, envisioning all the negative energy being rinsed down the drain.
  • Ask the angels to clear you! Ask them to clear every level of your mind, body, and spirit of energies that are unhealthy or no longer serve you, and to refill the spaces with white light.
  • If your home or office has areas of icky energy, start by opening up the windows and doors. Empty wastebaskets, clear the clutter, dust and vacuum. Dust is actually a clue – if it has gathered dust, it has also gathered stagnant energy. And again – ask the angels to help! Ask them to clear every bit of the space and to refill it with divine white light.

Watch this space – more in my next post!

Love and light,