Thoughts on Reiki, the spirit, and life as we know it (or not)

Well… maybe not all in one post! At least not this one.

 Welcome to the HeatherReiki blog. As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, and simply as a human being, I do a lot of thinking and talking about what it means to be here on the planet, what it means to be alive, and what it means to be awake, to be “present” in our lives from one day to the next. So many of my clients wrestle with these questions and more, such as “What exactly is my spirit, my soul? And how do I take care of it, and help it grow? I can’t go sit on a mountaintop!!! I’ve got [fill in your one or more of your favorites here – “a job”, “kids”, “a life”…].” So one of the purposes of this blog is to address this kind of question.

No — not to answer this kind of question, but simply to address it. I’m still turning these questions over and looking at them from all sides myself! So I plan to use this space to “think out loud”, and to try various ideas on for size; if I have an answer that works for me, I promise to shout it out. But maybe my answers won’t work for you, and that’s OK. If I say something that makes you stop and think about something, then cool – we’re both growing and learning! And I’d love to hear what you’re thinking, too – just click “Reply”.

I also will discuss various Reiki topics here, to answer common questions, describe techniques such as distant Reiki or aura clearing,  and to describe various ways that you can use Reiki in your daily life. Other topics will include various stones and crystals – how you can use them for healing, clearing various energies, or meeting your goals. I’ve had a lifelong love affair with rocks – not just crystals, but the friendly kind that you find on a trail and pop in your pocket just because it feels good. (Everyone who has polished their rocks via “pocket tumbling”, raise your hand!) So sooner or later, I’m gonna talk rocks. =)

So this is going to be a “holistic” blog of sorts. Please visit regularly to have something to think about, or to learn something new!

Reiki Blessings,

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