OK, so sometimes I’m a little slow.

I’ve been trying to figure out how I can be of service to God, and be at my spiritual best, while simultaneously working full-time, keeping house, buying groceries, etc. As I feel myself turning into more and more of a mystic – not on the aforementioned mountaintop, but smack dab in the middle of a major city – I’ve been confounded by the seeming conflict.

Just now it hit me, blinded me with it’s brightness (thank you, angels). It’s not a conflict. In fact, it’s kind of the point.

Now is the time for ALL of us to move forward, for ALL of us to stand up and… look inward. To see who we really are, in all our divine perfection.

And first – we’ve got to look past all the distractions we have created for ourselves – cell phone, TV, internet – AND that report that’s due, that PTA meeting, etc., etc., all those many things that we value that really have nothing to do with anything.

We hardly ever look at each other. Not really. And so we’re missing out on what’s really important. Each other.

Here’s the thing – the only way we can all cross the threshold that we’re zooming up to right now is TO DO IT TOGETHER. Helping each other, sharing the little tidbits that we figure out along the way. Listening to each other, and talking to each other. Hugging each other.

Sooooo… the whole mountaintop thing is counter-productive right now. Those that did it before us, they paved the way. They found the silence and the beauty and the wonder, and they showed us the way, left guideposts. Jesus and Buddha and Mohamed and so many others – they did it the hard way. They found their way to their souls, and thus truly experienced the Divine, ON THEIR OWN, with no other human beings to guide them. Yes, each had teachers, certainly each had Divine support – but the last part of the path was new for humans. They each blazed a path, marking it along the way so others could follow, teaching and sharing what they learned. And we are still learning from them, following their paths. But we don’t have to go it alone as they did. In fact, we are supposed to help each other. When one slips and falls, another must help him up, brush him off, and hold his hand while both continue the journey.

So of course. One path before me. Yes, it’s time to simplify things some more, to continue to pare down to what’s important. But there is no conflict, unless I insist on complicating things. (Doh!)

I just need to keep moving forward. One step at a time.

Love and light,